18 Sep 2021

Beet juice


Why is beet juice healthy ?


The beetroot is a vegetable that has increased in popularity in recent years. The earthy-tasting vegetable contains many healthy nutrients. This can lead to an even and healthy skin.

Beet juice contains many vitamins and minerals, such as various B vitamins and vitamin C. Vitamin B can provide support for, for example, concentration problems, fatigue and it can have a positive effect on the metabolism.

Beets also contain betalains, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin C in an antioxidant and is good against damage of the skin cells, such as too much

UV radiation. It also contributes to a better immune system.

Besides benefits for the body, it is also good for your mind.

The nitrate in beets stimulates blood circulation in the brain, which can improve cognitive performance.


Sports in combination with beet juice


Beets are a natural source of nitrate, which can promote sports performance.

Among other things, it can ensure that you do not experience acidification quickly during exercise.

The nitrate in the beet juice is converted into nitric oxide, which increases blood pressure and reduces oxygen consumption. As a result, you can get better stamina.


Beet juice is also very good when you want to cleanse your body.

The beetroot provides a full, earthy but also sweet taste. Would you like to drink beet juice before or during your workout, or just as a contemporary snack, we have Just Beat It and Red Machine in our range. This beet juice is full of vegetables that is also a nice addition to your daily diet.

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