06 Jul 2021

Benefits of vegetable juice

The benefits of vegetable juice

 Vegetable juice, you see it more and more often in all kinds of colors. A vegetable juice is based on one or more vegetables which can also be mixed well with surprisingly tasty flavors. Each specific vegetable contains special substances which are healthy. It is therefore preferable to choose a variety of vegetables, to get as many different nutrients as possible.

At Dr. Blend, vegetable juices are an important part of the juice cleanse. The SlimBox is an example of a vegetable juice cure, which you can do in 1 or more days.

Why are vegetable juices good for you?

As the name suggests, vegetable juices contain a lot of vegetables. Every day, it is recommended to eat between 375 and 500 grams of vegetables or fruits.

Research has shown that the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is significantly reduced by 27 percent. It also reduces the overall risk of mortality. In particular, raw fruits and vegetables have shown the most health benefits.

However, for many people, it is difficult to get these amounts every day. Drinking juices is an easy way to increase your intake. You can drink vegetable juices at any time of the day.

For example, try making a habit of drinking fresh vegetable juice every morning. Compared to fruit juices, vegetable juices contain less natural sugars. The number of calories is therefore lower in vegetable juice. So it is also very suitable to follow a vegetable juice diet if you want to lose weight.

Vegetable juice is packed with nutrients. This is not surprising, as there are a lot of servings of vegetables in a bottle. As a result, vegetable juice is not only tasty but also very healthy.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to lowering the risk of chronic disease, it also helps your brain to function better and gives your beauty a boost. Drinking vegetable juice makes your skin shine, helps hair growth, and helps prevent skin aging.


Green juices

The amount of nutritional values ​​depends on the vegetable that has been processed into the juice. Green juices contain green vegetables like cucumber, celery, and green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Green vegetables often contain a lot of vitamins C, E, K, iron, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, electrolytes, and bioactive substances such as carotenoids.

Green vegetables owe their color to chlorophyll. This substance has detoxifying properties, it helps improve your immune system, cleanses your skin, kidneys and stimulates the production of red blood cells. A fabric of positive properties!


Make a vegetable juice

To make vegetable juice, you can choose different vegetables. When making juice, make sure the vegetables each taste their own. For example, cucumber is refreshing, leafy vegetables have a more intense taste, and celery has a specific, slightly bitter taste. You can also add apple, lemon or ginger to change the taste.

If you prefer the easy way, you can also order green juices. Do you prefer to go for a combination of green leafy vegetables with Popeye N°2 juice?

Or do you go for Green Sweetness N°2, a sweeter apple version? This refreshing Green Machine N°6 with cucumber and celery is also delicious. Who says healthy fun has to be hard!


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