26 Jun 2021

Blue Spirulina





Those who like to dig into health trends have probably heard of blue spirulina before. It is used in powder form or as a dietary supplement and composed of blue-green cyanobacteria. Spirulina is complete when it comes to the nutrients needed for a good immune system.

To our knowledge, this seaweed is the most natural product and the richest in nutrients available. These bacteria produce rich minerals. What makes it exceptionally intriguing is its lavishness in nutrients, proteins, fundamental amino acids, unsaturated fats, omega-3 and minerals like iron, among others.

This superfood from the sea is often used because of its detoxifying effect. In good doses, it could even give a good boost of energy. One of the advantages of spirulina is that it is a plant product. It is therefore also a very interesting superfood for vegans.



Sport ?


For the sportsmen and sportswomen among us, spirulina is definitely a super food to add to your diet. It appears to improve endurance and recovery after a workout.

The way that it is made up generally of protein and that it likewise contains every one of the fundamental and excellent amino acids, makes spirulina a staple in your day by day diet. These amino acids provide energy to muscles, among other things. And that's what you want during or after a workout.



Fatigue ?


Do you suffer from extreme fatigue, combined with a feeling of weakness, dizziness and headaches? This could indicate an iron deficiency. You can also opt for spirulina in powder or supplement form. Spirulina contains a high percentage of iron.

For example, our green juice N °5 Green Metal. Our N °2 Popeye, N °5 Green Freshness and N °6 Green Machine green juices are also recommended. You can also opt for N °14 Speerow, hydrating juice with blue spirulina.



Our favorite !


A spoon of spirulina per day is enough to boost your iron content daily. It is important to use the right amount of it. A large amount know the world of spirulina well. Speerow, or our lemon and blue spirulina juice, is a fresh and refreshing juice every day. You can also opt for Greenergy shots.

These shots contain ginger, spirulina and apple. An extra spicy shot ! Speerow is the ultimate juice for a hot day or during and after a workout.

These detox juices are real assets, which deserve a standard place in your fridge.

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