08 Jul 2021

Celery health benefits?

The health benefits of celery juice

Celery is a vegetable whose light green stems are used for eating or drinking. It has a fresh taste and can be used for various purposes. Its positive effects make it a vegetable that many people find increasingly attractive.

You can see celery juice recipes more and more often, from a simple salad to a soup. But drinking celery juice in particular is said to have health benefits, according to many.

How healthy is celery juice?

In the past, celery was used for medicinal purposes, and it has also played an important role in Chinese Medicine for years. In recent years, this popular vegetable has also been labeled as a superfood.


Anthony William, also known as Medical Medium, has even written a book about it. Together with a lot of famous people, he is a big supporter of drinking this juice.

This book indicates that drinking celery juice can provide benefits and prevent many health problems. Starting every morning with this juice can mean a lot for your health, according to him.

According to this Medical Medium, by drinking this juice you can cleanse the intestines and relieve digestive complaints. It balances blood sugar and blood pressure and will also neutralize toxins from the liver and brain. It will also have positive effects on chronic complaints. Many of his followers confirm the powerful effect of celery, but this has not been scientifically proven.


What nutrients does celery juice contain?

That celery contains many nutrients is something that is certain! It naturally contains fiber, many antioxidants, vitamin C and K, beta-carotene, potassium and calcium. The fibers only disappear when juice is made. The celery juice retains the vitamins and minerals.


Celery also contains some signature bioactive compounds that are positive for your health. The phthalides are said to have a blood pressure lowering effect, because it has a relaxing effect on the muscles and veins.

In addition, research shows that the flavonoids apigenin and luteolin contain in celery, have an anti-inflammatory effect and counteract aging and free radicals. In addition, it contains hardly any sugars, which makes it low in calories and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and digestion.

Another advantage that is often mentioned is that it has a diuretic effect due to the potassium. This mineral is also important for muscles and nerve impulses and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure.


Make your own celery juice?

Celery juice can help you lose weight. It is a nutritious green juice, low in calories, which is ideal for weight loss. You can also easily make your own juice. It is important to buy fresh celery.

When buying, make sure that the stems are sturdy and undamaged.

The fresher and firmer the celery, the more nutrients it contains. With a juicer you can make your own celery juice. It is also possible to use a blender and then strain it to separate the fibers from the juice.

Do you find the taste of celery too intense? Then add some apple, lemon or other vegetables to neutralize it.

Celery juice from Dr. Blend

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