15 Dec 2021

Detox your summer


3 reasons to start a juice cleanse this summer!


Have you always wanted to try a detox box? So this summer might be a good time to start. What is detox for and why try it this summer?


1. A detox gives you energy and perseverance

Mentally, a detox gives you energy. While there are times when the body needs to get used to another form of food and you may feel a little tired every now and then, it also gives a physical boost in the end. You reset your mind, body, and gut, so to speak, and thereby become aware of your potentially unhealthy eating habits.


A detox takes persistence but will lead to a more aware version of yourself. In summer, the weather is generally nice and warm, and many people have a slightly lower appetite than in winter. You will therefore suffer less from possible chills and a feeling of hunger in summer temperatures!


2. A detox as a step towards healthy weight loss

You don't need to detox to get a summer body. There is sometimes confusion about the usefulness of a juice cure. People often think that detox is good for weight loss.

However, this is a misunderstanding. Drug rehab can be a nudge in the right direction, but not good to endure for a long time.

Dr. Blend's juice cures are primarily intended to reset your body. This reset can lead to better focus and persistence in losing weight. A detoxbox is the perfect springboard for this. You reduce your diet for a few days with light foods.

Then you choose to do a 3-day juice cleanse, a 5-day juice cleanse, or a 7-day juice cleanse, if you wish. Your body is receiving the proper and sufficient nutrients these days to reset. Your body gets used to a less abundant and lighter diet, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy and varied diet after the treatment.

Have you gone on vacation and want to convert your positive energy into a healthy lifestyle? Go on and get ready for a healthy and balanced year.


3. A detox teaches you to break your old habits

Have you ever tried different diets and still have a relapse? Start with a 3-day detoxbox or a slimbox to purify.

You can detox a maximum of 12 times a year. Want to avoid a relapse? You can fall back on a course of juice from Dr. Blend.

When you have really taken the shot, you can extend the number of days of the cure to five or seven days. It is only when you get into the detox program, that awareness of the often unhealthy eating habits that you have learned on your own comes. Learn through the various juices that are important ingredients in a diet that can keep you in a healthy balance.

For example, start with the detoxbox. It is full of sweet, healthy and tropical fruits and vegetables. Give up your mojito and say hello to Green Sweetness and Just Beat It!

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