26 Jun 2021

Detoxify your liver

Tips to detoxify your liver


Without a doubt, it is one of the most important organs you have: the liver. The organ fulfills several roles, including that of "cleaning" the body by eliminating toxins, also called detoxification. In addition, the liver is responsible for the production of bile and various proteins, and the organ is responsible for storing excess glucose. The liver is therefore in fact a detoxificationsystem which is also involved in digestion and metabolism.


However, our modern way of life places great demands on the liver. Alcohol, a food full of colors, scents and flavors and also full of sugars; these are just a few examples of products that are harmful to the liver in the long term. When you take in a lot of toxins every day, the liver has to work so hard to get rid of them that it leaves little room for other functions that the organ normally performs. This is why it is important to detoxify your liver regularly. Curious how you do that? We give you some tips!


(Temporarily) stop drinking alcohol


A glass of wine for dinner, a delicious cocktail on the terrace; For many people, alcohol is strongly linked to socialization. However, all of these drinks have detrimental effects on your liver in the long run. On average, it takes an hour to an hour and a half for the liver to break down a glass of alcohol. Breaking down alcohol costs the liver a lot of energy, so stopping (temporarily) drinking alcohol is a good way to detoxify your liver. It may take a while to get used to at first, but you will notice that you will feel a lot better by the end!


Drink enough water


If you want to detoxifyyour liver, it is very important to drink enough water every day! It is advisable to drink at least a liter and a half of water per day; that way, you are removing bad substances from your body, so to speak. You can also choose to add lemon juice to your water. The sour fruit is known to have a stimulating effect on digestion. Lemon is also packed with vitamin C: a vitamin that has a detoxifying effect and helps your intestines, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.


Stop smoking


Smoking is bad for general health and therefore bad for the liver. The nicotine that enters your body through smoking also needs to be broken down again. The liver is the device that does this. Because your liver does such an important job, it is necessary to not smoke if you want to detoxify your liver (and the rest of the body) in the most optimal way possible. So stop smoking!




Add ginger to your diet by speeding up your metabolism. Gingercan help your liver get rid of toxins more easily. A high dose of ginger has shown a significant improvement in liver values ​​after 3 months of consumption. Insulin sensitivity also increased, while inflammatory substances decreased. Are you taking more ginger every day? Add ginger shots to your diet.

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