11 Mar 2022

Fit out of bed

Fit out of bed!


Everyone would like to get out of bed fit and relaxed every morning. In general a lot of people are not satisfied with their own sleep quality. The problems vary widely, with some having difficulty falling asleep and others sleeping through. Many people also suffer from stiff muscles and joints when waking up. We would like to give you a few tips to get out of bed more easily!


All researchers agree that sufficient and good sleep is crucial for a healthy body, mind and not forgetting brain!

During sleep your body recovers in all kinds of areas. For example, if you train your muscles recover during sleep. But sleep is also very important for your brain. During sleep your brain cleans itself, as it were. Many more processes take place, for example the brain stores incoming information during the day temporarily in the hippocampus, during sleep this information is repeated, organised and stored in the long term memory. 


So we now know that sleep is important. But how do we ensure that we get better and sufficient quality sleep? Here are a few tips!




You've heard it before, but let us repeat it for you: rhythm!

We cannot stress enough how important rhythm is for your sleep. If you keep to a rhythm, you develop your own biological clock. Your biological clock ensures that you start feeling tired at around the same time and that you get up at around the same time. It is important that you maintain this rhythm at the weekend too. All this in turn promotes the quality of your sleep.


Before sleeping


To help your body even more, it helps to have a ritual before going to sleep. Sleep problems often have several causes. We therefore recommend not to consume caffeine 5 hours before going to sleep. Also try to avoid computer screens and work-related tasks an hour before bedtime. You want to sleep without worries and too much activity in the brain, otherwise this will influence falling asleep again. Do not eat a heavy meal before sleeping either, as this makes your body active again through your digestion being set in motion. 

To really unwind, we recommend soothing activities. Think of writing, reading, taking a warm shower and especially away from your mobile phone! Social media unconsciously provides a lot of stimuli. 


Exercise and relaxation 


Apart from its effect on your physical health, sport also influences your sleep. For many, sport is an outlet for stress and helps release tension that has built up over the course of the day. In addition, the heart rate, metabolism and body temperature increase during exercise, but when our body comes to rest the values drop to a level that is lower than the level in people who do not exercise or exercise regularly. 

Apart from sports, we also advise people to do 10 minutes of static stretching before going to bed to prevent waking up with stiff muscles in the morning. In addition, try to change positions regularly while sleeping, this will prevent you from lying in one position for 8 hours.

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