19 Dec 2021

Healthy shopping

Healthy shopping

You probably know it, you're in the supermarket and suddenly you don't know what exactly you need anymore? Chances are that you take unhealthy products with you that you didn't want to take with you at all.


Tips to help for healthy grocery choices


When you do your shopping, you have to take into account that supermarkets are designed to seduce you, by means of highly priced offers.

- You should avoid the aisles where the sweets and snacks are, no matter how appealing the promotions can sometimes be.

- Never go shopping on an empty stomach, always go to the supermarket after eating a meal.

- Provide a shopping list with healthy products

- Order the groceries online and have it delivered

For example, if you have a small budget for groceries, it is advisable to go to a supermarket with hand scanners. This way you can see the exact price of each product and keep track of what you have lost in total.


Choose messages that fit within the Wheel of Five. Don't be fooled when a label says, for example, one of the following: sugar-free, low-fat, light or high in fiber. It can happen that when it says low-fat, for example, it is compensated with the number of carbohydrates.

So it does not have to mean that a light product is by definition a healthier choice.


Shopping list app

 If you would like to clearly see how much you consume in carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibers per day and per product, there are also a number of apps.

An example is the Eetmeter app, which contains a lot of products that clearly state the nutritional value. The app also contains complete recipes including shopping lists, it is also possible to scan the barcode of products.


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