08 Jul 2021

How to do a detox ?

A detox

Detox is a term that is often used for cleansing your body of waste or toxins. There are several detox methods to cleanse your body. A well-known way is through juice cures. Other ways to detox include fasting, clay treatments or colonics (enemas).


Detox juice cleanse

With a juice cure, also called detox, you drink juices during the day and you do not take solid food to stimulate your metabolism and remove stored waste. A side effect of a detox cure is that you can lose weight because of the low amount of calories it contains. In combination with exercise, it is an effective way to burn fat.


The detox formula from Dr. Blend


The detox formula from Dr. Blend has two types of juice cures. Both detox juice cures are based on fruit and vegetables.

The first detox formula is the Detoxbox juice cure and is known for its good taste and results. This juice cure contains juices and shots to provide your body with sufficient energy, nutrients and at the same time reset the body.

The other detox formula concerns the Slimbox juice cure, which contains more vegetables and fewer calories compared to the detox juice cure.

To make it extra easy for you, both juice cures contain a daily program with fixed times to take the juices.



What can you do before and after your detox?

To prepare your body for a detox cure, it is important to take into account the food you take before and after the juice cure. Easily digestible food is important here. Think of a soup or salad, extra fruit and vegetables.

You can fill detox salads with green vegetables, mushrooms or avocado, but also think of fruit such as pomegranate or mango. Cucumber, tomato and bell pepper fit well in any salad and a homemade herb dressing completes this one. In addition to nutrition, it is also important to watch what you drink, both during, before and after the juice treatment.

In addition to water, detox tea is a great support for your body to remove waste products. Detox tea is available in more and more varieties at the supermarket. You can also increase and decrease it more gradually by means of vegetable juices, to facilitate the transition from and to solid foods.

View the range of juices here.


The role your body plays in detoxing

Fortunately, your body naturally also has a waste processing system for cleaning up foreign and toxic substances. This process takes place mainly via the liver. But, for example, your kidneys and gastrointestinal tract also play a role in this processing system.

By means of detoxing, you can stimulate the body itself, in addition to your body also working on this itself. As a beginner 3 days is sufficient, if more advanced you can also try the 5 or 7 days cures.

You will notice the difference in your body and head yourself, soon enough after a juice cure.

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