10 Mar 2022

How to stay healthy?


Wake up to be physically fit 

Start your day on the right foot! Whether you're an early riser or someone who likes to sleep in, as soon as you wake up, take the time to exercise and allow your mind some light activity. 

Just a few stretches, a walk around your neighbourhood or some squats will wake up your muscles and your brain. 

Take it easy! Your goal is to give your body a little boost, not to tire yourself out unnecessarily at the start of your day.


A good breakfast

After your physical effort in the morning, have a good breakfast, rich in fibre, proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids. 

Focus on fruit and green vegetables to fill up on strength and vitamins, we suggest the Green Freshness , and the GingerO , to make it easier for you to eat delicious juices!


Listen to your body

The human body is a wonderful machine with highly sensitive sensors and transmitters. Signs of fatigue, stress and irritation reach the brain in milliseconds. 

Pay attention to these signals and react immediately to any problems that may affect your energy level or fitness. Feeling dizzy or tired from sitting down? 

Take a quick break and consider boosting your energy with GingerO!


Restorative sleep

The body regenerates and replenishes its energy. This recovery phase is therefore very important and should not be ignored. 

You can improve your home by rearranging some of your living spaces to make you feel more comfortable. Lights also play a role, and dimmed lights and comfortable bedding are major contributors to restful sleep. 


Get out of your comfort zone

Starting the year well also means setting new goals to get out of your comfort zone. It's never too late to take risks and learn something new, from pottery to yoga to foreign languages.

The key is to persevere and not get discouraged at the slightest difficulty. Instead, congratulate yourself when you succeed! Do you lack the self-confidence to take the plunge? Find all our tips for boosting your self-esteem.


Eliminate toxins

The body naturally eliminates toxins. However, some residues manage to escape. 

You will need detoxifying products, such as ginger to boost the activity of these organs with Greenergy, turmeric with Kick It, to cleanse your body thoroughly.


Remedies to keep fit

Ginger will get you back on your feet. You can use a juice cure to get back on track, with the DetoxBox.

Organic and natural treatments are available in the form of juice, powder and other supplements. Spirulina is excellent for you, with the Greenergy, you combine ginger and blue spirulina, the perfect combo!


Get outside!

The best things in life are often the simplest. Before you throw yourself on your coffee machine to wake up, have you ever thought of getting some fresh air?

Not only will you improve your physical condition, but studies have shown that walking outside for twenty minutes is as effective as a cup of coffee. Other benefits of a short walk? It boosts creativity and provides a good dose of vitamin D (essential for good health). Conclusion: spending time outside is always (or almost always) a good idea!

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