21 Sep 2021

Lemon juice


What is lemon juice good for?


Lemons contain many healthy nutrients. It consists of minerals, essential vitamins and antioxidants. Scientific research has shown that lemon has many health benefits. For example, it has a positive effect on the immune system, heart and blood vessels and digestion.


  • Vitamin C

Lemon contains a high concentration of vitamin C. This vitamin supports your resistance and promotes the absorption of iron in your body. Adding fruits with a high vitamin C content to your meals can increase your iron levels. Your body will then absorb the iron more easily. Iron plays a role in your energy supply, so sufficient vitamin C can help you to reduce fatigue. In addition to being an essential vitamin, vitamin C is also an antioxidant. The antioxidants in lemon help fight the free radicals in the body.


  • Lemon water in the morning

Many claims are made about drinking lemon water and its health benefits. It could strengthen your immune system, improve your skin and help you burn fat. Unfortunately, none of these claims have been proven yet. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning will not stimulate your digestion either. For this, the juice lacks fiber, which ensures that the digestion starts.


  • Lose weight with lemon water

Lemon water also provides few calories and carbohydrates, making it a juice that can be drunk daily. If you choose lemon juice instead of a sugary drink, it can also help with weight loss. However, lemon water has not been proven to help with weight loss.


  • Lemon juice in a bottle

Why lemon juice you might think? By adding lemon water to your meal, in addition to a fresh and sour juice, you also have a way that helps you to increase your iron in a natural way. In addition, lemon water has a hydrating effect and is a juice that is low in calories. Are you going for pure lemon water? Then Yellow Machine N 8 is your favorite! The perfect balance in lemon water, a real fresh and sour juice, without additives.


Are you dreaming about sweet juice ? Yellow Freshness N17 is a perfect fit for you. The combination of lemon juice, apple juice and agave syrup makes it nice and refreshing. This juice is extra large and handy for when you have sweated a lot, such as after exercise. It contains a low amount of carbohydrates and minerals, which makes it an ideal sports drink.

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