23 Jul 2021

Moving enough ?

Whether your daily effort consists of a long walk, a run, or a team sport, all forms of exercise are good for your body ! Exercise and sport can help improve your fitness, build muscle and lose weight. They keep your muscles and joints flexible.

You feel healthier if you exercise enough. In addition, it reduces the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, for example.


Good for the mind


Sport not only ensures physical fitness but also mental strength. The athletes will agree. Simply because you always feel better after exercise than before. Sufficient physical activity counteracts depression, delays the development of dementia and reduces the number of psychological disorders. At the same time, sport can lead to more self-esteem, self-confidence and (social) skills.

In younger people, exercise has a positive influence on their cognitive development. The elderly also benefit from exercise. It reduces the need for care. This has two major advantages. On the one hand, health costs can be reduced. On the other hand, it improves mental health because they are less likely to lose their independence.


A few reasons why is right for you:


  • Good for your mood

During exercise, all kinds of substances are released which are beneficial for your mood. the endorphins released provide a "feeling of happiness" and increased resistance.


  • Injury prevention

If you've had an injury in the past or are prone to injury, you may do well to continue to exercise preventively. If you keep moving, you keep your muscles flexible and it's good for your joints.


  • General health

During exercise, endorphins are released that help reduce stress, stimulate blood circulation, and maintain flexibility in bones and joints.

It provides a healthy balance for your physical and mental health.


  • Better sleep

You can also exercise for a better night's sleep.

By having a good balance between being tired in your head and being tired in your body,

you can often fall asleep better. When you have exercised your body, the muscles can often relax better at night.


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