08 Mar 2022

Over-50s and health

This is what you should know about your health as an over-50s person 

Did you know that from the age of 50 onwards your energy consumption is slightly lower than before? It is a fact that the older you get, the less energy you use. For a good energy balance, it is important to eat and drink as much energy as you consume. This way you will not gain weight. But there are other things you should know about your health as someone over 50. 

  • The function of the stomach will also decrease around the age of 50. This has to do with the intrinsic factor in the stomach. The absorption of vitamin B12 - important for red blood cells and resistance - can decrease as a result. Therefore, make sure you get enough vitamin B12 through the right food and/or supplements. 


Also, an important exercise pattern is very important to slow down ageing. In this way you stay vital longer, your muscles become stronger and it is beneficial for your balance. When you exercise on a regular basis, diseases such as type 2 diabetes - generally following obesity - and dementia can be reduced. These two examples of diseases are also referred to as 'age-related diseases'. In addition to a healthy diet, exercising intensively three times a week can prevent obesity. 

  • In addition, sufficient exercise is good for the functioning of the brain. A study among elderly people between 50 and 85 who had suffered a TIA or stroke showed that they had much better brain activity than those who did little or no exercise afterwards. At the same time, this reduces the risk of various forms of dementia.


Obesity is most common among the over-50s. This can be caused by physical ailments that considerably hinder sufficient exercise. In addition, after the age of fifty, the body stores more fat. The body can use fat in difficult circumstances for energy, but a fat percentage that is too high will be counterproductive on other fronts. 

  • An increase in fat percentage does not always have to be caused by eating too much. Hormones also play a major role in women. Weight gain after the transition is therefore not surprising. 


Old age is often accompanied by more ailments. And when it comes to digestion, this is no different. Digestive problems are more common in people over fifty. The digestive system runs from the mouth to the anus. Here our food is broken down into nutrients that the body needs to function properly. With age, muscles weaken more quickly. This also happens with the muscles and organs involved in the digestive system. In addition, the use of medicines and less exercise is a major cause of digestive complaints. It is also important to keep drinking. As we get older our body contains less fluid. 

  • Dehydration can also negatively influence digestion. 


Although there are various explanations for an increase in fat and weight, being overweight is annoying for various reasons and in some cases even dangerous. Among other things, shortness of breath, erectile and urinary problems in men, cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnoea are lurking. A healthy lifestyle in later life is therefore of great importance. Do you have trouble eating healthy and drinking enough? Perhaps the juices of Dr. Blend will help you on your way to a healthy 50-plus lifestyle. Of course, don't forget to get enough exercise. 

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