21 Jan 2022

Regular cure?

Why a detox treatment more often in the year? 


If you are already familiar with a detox treatment you know what effect it has had, on your body but also on your energy level. What are the benefits of repeating a detox treatment more often in a year? 

Lose weight with a detox treatment 


When you want to lose weight you can do so with a detox treatment, but we do not offer detox boxes specifically for weight loss. But to give you a helping hand. A handle for a healthy start after a holiday or to a general healthier lifestyle. 


Getting more energy from a detox cure


People experience during and after a detox treatment that they have more energy than before, however you can feel tired sometimes on the first day. This depends on how you ate before starting the detox treatment. We therefore recommend that you eat easily digestible foods such as soups and salads two days before and after the detox. You can also get more rest because you don't have to worry about what to eat on those days. When you have completed the detox, it gives you a satisfied feeling which gives you an energy boost!


Do a detox juice cure more often


If you do a detox every quarter, you avoid the possibility of falling back into your old eating pattern. But don't be too strict on yourself, because sometimes scheduling a cheat day can't hurt! Start with a 1 or 3 day juice cleanse, this is suitable for beginners, you can also start with a 7 day juice cleanse, however this can be experienced as heavy. If you find that you can't last, you can always freeze the juices and consume them again at a later time.

At Dr. Blend we have a special offer: if you order a detox box 5 times within a year, you will receive the 6th box as a gift! Take a look at our website for our product range

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