24 Jul 2021

Sleep problems ?

Why do you need a good night's sleep ?


Eating through a healthy diet is very important. But as important is a good night's sleep !

Can't concentrate well after a few nights of bad sleep ?  Then there may be something wrong with your sleep schedule. Fortunately, there are several solutions to permanently improve your night's sleep !

Almost a quarter of people over the age of 25 appear to have bad sleep patterns. This is a shockingly high number when you consider that sleep is very important for your health and daily functioning. If you want to function properly, you as an adult need an average of 8 hours of sleep per night.


A prolonged lack of sleep increases the risk of concentration problems, depression, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Sleep is important for physical recovery, optimizes metabolism, restores hormone balance, reduces stress and produces growth hormones. By sleeping well, you also remember better what is important at work, study or other daily activities.

Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks in the hours before bed. In addition, it is wise not to use, for example, a laptop or telephone in the evening.

A healthy lifestyle also solves a lot of sleeping problems. Magnesium supplements can also help you with recovery and/or a good night's sleep. Exercise sufficiently and maintain a healthy diet.


Do you have trouble maintaining a healthy diet ? Then try the juices of Dr. blend.

These juices come in detox form, in other words, a juice cure to completely reset your body.

In addition, you can also opt for healthy juices for standard in your fridge. You can get the Dr. Blend shots, 4-pack or 6-pack juices, the 12-piece shot boxes on a daily.

This way you get enough vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. A healthy way of life is one step closer to a good night's sleep.


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