12 Sep 2021

Sports and Weight Loss

Exercise is good for your health, both physical and mental. It can offer many benefits.


People who get enough exercise and sports have a lower risk of health problems, this applies to all age groups. The Health Council has drawn up exercise guidelines, which indicate the minimum amount of exercise you need to be able to experience the beneficial effects.


Benefits of exercise


In adults and the elderly, exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depressive symptoms. Furthermore, a lot of exercise is associated with a lower risk of breast and colon cancer and premature death. Research shows that the beneficial effects increase as the amount of exercise increases.

In the elderly, exercise also lowers the risk of bone fractures and improves the

muscle strength and walking speed. In children, exercise also lowers the risk of depressive symptoms, improves insulin sensitivity and bone quality, and lowers body mass index and fat mass if they are overweight or obese.


How much exercise per day


For an adults, 75 minutes per week of moderately intensive exercise already yields benefits, with 150 minutes per week the gain is greater and with 300 minutes or more even greater. This shows that more exercise can also mean more for your health.

To stay healthy and lose weight, it is important to exercise every day.

But exercise alone will not get you there, eat healthy and change your eating habits.

When your breathing and heart rate go up, most of the energy is taken from burning fats. It is good to know that the fat burning only really gets going if you maintain the effort for more than 20 minutes, which is about 2000 steps.

Look for a sport or activity that you like and especially that you can sustain for a long time, it is very important that you choose something that suits you! For example, you can choose from team sports, strength sports, endurance sports or a combination of these.

When you choose to do a team sport, it may be easier to keep up because it is fun and you can motivate each other. This way you will be healthy and fit together!

In strength sports you mainly develop more muscle and less fat. You also burn calories after training. Note that you do not immediately see this on the scale, because you will also develop more muscles.

During endurance sports you exert yourself for a longer period of time, and you generally burn a lot of energy. This is widely used as a weight loss aid.

If you have never done much exercise before and suddenly start exercising intensively, you may have to deal with injuries. It is therefore important that you build it up slowly. If you have a stronger build and want to lose weight, make sure that you choose a sport where you do not have to carry your own body weight. For example, consider swimming


Losing weight and a juice cure


If you would like to make a fresh start prior to your weight loss process, you can choose to follow a juice cure. With this you say goodbye to your unhealthy lifestyle and remove waste from your body!

As a beginner, we recommend opting for a 3-day juice cure. The detox can be combined well with moderately intensive exercise such as walking or light cardio. To properly prepare for a detox, it is wise to eat easily digestible food 2 days in advance. This also ensures that your body can focus on removing waste products. Even after the Slim juice cure, it is recommended to eat lightly for 2 days so as not to disrupt the entire process of the juice cure.

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