15 Dec 2021

Target weight


In this blog we give a few tips and information to achieve and maintain your target weight. You determine your target weight by calculating your BMI.


The golden tips to get back to your goal weight

Do you want to lose weight quickly and reach your goal weight, but you don't know where to start? Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for rapid weight loss. We do have a few tips for you to help. Remember if you lose a lot of weight quickly, there is a good chance that you will gain weight quickly after dieting, the well-known yo-yo effect.


- Make a plan for yourself, how much time you would like to lose weight. Make this as realistic as possible, otherwise there is a chance that it will have a demotivating effect.

- Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Water makes you feel full, making you less likely to snack.

- Don't go shopping on an empty stomach, this way you avoid getting a lot of unnecessary bad things into your house.

- Try not to eat at times when you are sitting in front of your television or computer, for example, as this will quickly make you eat too much. So be aware of what you are eating.

- Exercise enough, and then focus on fat burning. Think of interval training and HIIT workouts. Swimming is also very good for burning fat.


Tips to maintain your target weight

Have you achieved your target weight after a lot of effort, but are you afraid that you will fall back into your old routine or your old weight? Here are a few tips to help you.

- Calculate your calorie needs and try to stick to it

- Here too, make a plan for yourself, make it realistic. Also write down what you are proud of from the past week. Reward yourself, of course not with a bad snack, but treat yourself, for example, to those pair of shoes that you have wanted for so long.

- Exercise moderately to vigorously for 60 minutes every day, and try to make it a daily routine. However, this is more than a daily recommendation, but this way you help yourself to get a relapse less quickly.

- Be kind to yourself, it's okay if you sometimes have a bad day. Pick up the thread the next day, because a bad day doesn't bring you back to square one!

- Vary as much as possible with healthy recipes, try new things. That way it's fun to continue.

- Try to weigh a maximum of once a week, and do not panic if you are 1 or 2 kilos heavier. You may retain more fluid some days than others.

Regularity is the most important thing to maintain your goal weight, the longer you keep it up, the less quickly you will fall back to your old weight.


Do you want to lose weight?

View our weight loss page, but realize that losing weight needs discipline, regularity and time. And of course a healthy overall lifestyle with sports and healthy food. A quick fix can lead to a yo-yo effect.

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