18 Dec 2021

Tips for weight loss motivation

The tips for weight loss motivation 


  • Be aware of your eating habits
  • Keep an eating diary
  • Make realistic goals for yourself 
  • Join a team sport, or exercise together with a friend
  • Reward yourself when you have achieved a goal
  • Above all, be kind to yourself at all times! 


The first step to losing weight


When you want to lose weight, the most important first step is to become aware of your eating habits. If there are times when you notice that you are eating too much, write these down so that you can identify the reason. 

A useful sticking point is to keep an eating diary, in which you can keep detailed records of what and when you eat. It is also very important that you find regularity in your eating pattern. 

The SlimBox is the most appropriated Box for this need.

You can keep an eating schedule in different ways. By simply writing everything down in a notebook. But there are also nice books and apps where you can keep track of this, for example the book by Fajah Lourens Killer Planner and the app Eetmeter (Eating Meter) from the Dutch Nutrition Centre. In the app Eetmeter you can also find a food schedule, as an aid especially in the beginning when you have little or no motivation. 


The second step to losing weight


When you have a good picture of your current eating habits you can set goals for yourself. Try to make them as realistic as possible, so you don't fall back into your old eating pattern. Don't be too hard on yourself,

If you want to stay motivated, you can sometimes have a less healthy snack. Just do it sensibly and keep it to one time a week. But don't be too hard on yourself, and listen to your body at all times.

Sport can also be a great motivator for losing weight, choose a team sport or go walking, swimming or to the gym with a friend.  


Lost motivation for weight loss, what to do?

It can happen that your motivation is not there, but try to be kind to yourself at times like these. Don't punish yourself by compensating as quickly as possible, by eating little. Set a new plan for yourself that is easier to keep to. Try to find outwhere it went wrong. 

At times like this, it can be great to look at complete weekly schedules at Project Healthy, for example.  They allow you to choose your own recipes and make a meal plan for the day based on how many calories you want to eat each day. 

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