23 Sep 2021

Vegetable juice for children


Children and vegetables, it is not an ideal combination but necessary for the development of a child. We hear all too often from parents: 'my child doesn't want to eat vegetables.' In 2017, a survey by Statistics Netherlands showed that less than half of Dutch children eat enough vegetables. Recognizable for many parents, because it remains a challenge to get your child to consume enough vegetables.


  • How many vegetables does a child need per day?


It is important to know how many grams of vegetables a child needs per day, which is 100-150 grams for children between 4 and 8 years and 150-200 grams for children between 9 and 13 years. These amounts are difficult for children to consume all at dinner. So ask yourself: "how do I get my child to eat vegetables?" We have the solution for you, vegetable juices!


  • How is the quality of the vegetable juices guaranteed?


Our vegetable juices are therefore ideal for children because there is a lot of vegetables in 1 juice. This way the little ones quickly reach the minimum amount they need to eat. In addition, the juices from Dr. Blend a lot healthier than most juices from the supermarket. Our juices contain 100% fruit and vegetables with no added ingredients. This way you know exactly what your child is getting. Another common problem for people is that they want to keep fresh products fresh for as long as possible without preservatives, but that is very difficult. That's why Dr. Blend using high pressure processing. HPP is a preservation technique that preserves valuable nutrients and the natural taste and also has a shelf life of 10 to 15 days.


  • Which vegetable juices are in the range of Dr. Blend?


Dr. Blend has a wide range of vegetable juices, but they must of course also be child-friendly. For this we have also added a small percentage of fruit or other naturally sweeter foods in some vegetable juices so that these healthy drinks also have a delicious taste.


Think of our Green Metal N°5 juice mainly made from pure spinach and celery with a hint of coconut water for the taste. Full of vitamins and minerals and tastes good too! But also look at the Green Beet Nº20 or Fashion Nº21, not to mention the Green Dream Nº22, these are our most child-friendly juices because these juices are packaged in a handy 125 ml bottle. So in the school bag or delicious with dinner or breakfast. Yes, as a parent you can also enjoy the delicious vegetable juices from www.drblend.com

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