06 Jul 2021

Vitamin D ?



Never suffer from a vitamin D deficiency again with the help of Vita D shots!

When the weather is bad for a long time and we are all indoors, we often say: "I'm getting a vitamin D deficiency!" But what exactly is a vitamin D deficiency?


With a vitamin D deficiency you may be feeling more tired, you have weaker bones, you suffer from vibrations, muscle cramps and/or suffer from anxiety or listlessness. Our bodies normally make most of the vitamin D itself when (UV) radiation from the sun hits us.


You need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphate from food. Vitamin D plays a major role in the functioning and recovery of your muscles. Vitamin D also plays a major role in the functioning of your immune system. It also ensures the maintenance of strong bones and teeth.


A good daily amount of vitamin D is 10 micrograms per day for children up to 4 years, for the age group up to 65 years a value of 10 to 20 micrograms per day is recommended and for people over 60 the ideal intake is 20 micrograms per day.

Did you know that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin?


It is also one of the few vitamins that the body can make itself. It often concerns vegans and vegetarians who suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is mainly found in oily fish, but also in meat and eggs.


The elderly, people who rarely go out during the day, pregnant women and people who follow a low-fat diet can also suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Do you want to rule out that you have a vitamin D deficiency? This can be demonstrated by means of a blood test.


Don't forget to take this essential vitamin. A healthydose of daylight and a daily Vita D shot from Dr. Blend helps you on your way to the right vitamin D dose.

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