Per box:
60G carbohydrate
3G fat
9G protein


This juice from our detox treatment is filled with fibres and few calories, which really aids efforts to lose weight. Celery is a key ingredient for our juice detox. This because the vegetable positively impacts digestion and the urinal tract. Cucumber also has a positive effect: Cucumber happens to lower the acid levels of urine, ensuring your kidneys remain healthy. And last but not least are the carrots, ensuring this juice packs plenty of vitamins: After all, carrots are rich in vitamin A, B, C, and E. Vitamin A contributes to better eyesight, the source of the familiar joke about rabbits and glasses.

Energetic value (kcal)21 kcal
Energetic value (kJ)88 kJ
Total fat0,2 g
Saturated fat0,0 g
Carbohydrates4,0 g
Sugars3,8 g
Fibres0,2 g
Proteins0,6 g
Sodium29 mg
Salt72 mg
Carrot juice40,00%
Cucumber juice35,00%
Celery juice20,00%
Lemon juice5,00%
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