Per box:
88,56G carbohydrate
2,88G fat
5,4G protein

Choose the best of both worlds. With this Combi Shot Box, you get 6 turmeric shots & 6 pomegranate shots. Both shots give the body an energy boost and are recommended for use during or after detoxing. Looking for a natural source of energy? If so, you can also just integrate these shots into your daily diet. Experience the positive power of turmeric and pomegranate for yourself!

Turmeric has a wondrous effect on the skin, but also on the digestion of fats. Thanks to the combination of pineapple, black pepper, and lemon, the turmeric shot will make you burst with energy. The main ingredient, turmeric, aids in cleansing the blood, stimulates the production of collagen, and keeps the skin supple. Not to mention the extremely beneficial impact upon the body's ability to break down fats. The other ingredients, such as black pepper, give you an extra energy boost.

The pomegranate shot, consisting of pomegranate, guarana, beets, lemon, and acerola pulp, provides an energy-boosting effect. This is a powerful shot full of minerals and phytonutrients that promote good health. Guarana contains natural caffeine to maintain high energy levels. The combination of beet juice, lemon juice, and guarana has a positive effect on the muscles. It supplies extra oxygen to the muscles and has a curative effect on aching muscles during sports activities.

Integrate these shots into your daily diet for a healthy lifestyle. We advise consuming a maximum of two shots per day. Enjoy a dose of natural energy, sourced from fruits and vegetables.

6 turmeric shots & 6 pomegranate shots

Energetic value (kcal)40 / 78 kcal
Energetic value (kJ)169 / 329 kJ
Total fat0,1 / 0,7 g
Saturated fat0,0 / 0,1 g
Carbohydrates8,9 / 15,7 g
Sugars7,2 / 11,7 g
Fibres0,2 / 2,5 g
Proteins0,7 / 0,8 g
Sodium13 / 2 mg
Salt33 / 5 mg
Pineapple juice60,00%
Turmeric juice21,85%
Lemon juice18,00%
Black pepper0,15%
Pomegranate juice66,50%
Apple juice25,00%
Acerola Puree5,00%
Beet juice2,00%
Lemon juice1,00%
Guarana powder0,50%
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