Cold pressed juices are the result of a 2-step process.

1st step:
The vegetables and fruits are shredded to a pulp. How is this done? Through a shredding-process with a steel, rotating disc. The produce is loaded into a large hopper feeding tube and typically falls into a filter bag: a large sieve if you will.

2nd step:
The second step takes place in a hydraulic press, which exposes the shredded produce to extreme pressure between two plates. The pressure causes the juice / water content from the produce to drip into a collection tray (‘gastronorm’) below, leaving behind the fiber content in the filter bag. The fiber content left behind is generally composted, recycled in food products or discarded and given to farmers. In other words: as less waste as possible.
When a juice is produced cold pressed, it can be preserved for 21 days.