The package consists of six 250ml detox juices and three 60ml healthy shots on a daily basis. Each bottle is numbered in order of the appropriate time of take-in. We advise you to use this schedule in order to achieve the ultimate results. This is the best way to detox.

You need to carefully manage your solid food intake in the period leading up to your detox and afterwards. We advise you to start consuming easily digestible food like soups and salads two days prior to your juice cleanse until two days after. This settles down your intestines and brings the body in the appropriate detox mode.

Two says prior to detox + two days after detox:

  • no smoking
  • no coffee and tea containing theine
  • no alcohol
  • no red meat


Drinking ginger tea as an addition to the juices stimulates the cleansing process during detox. Ginger improves the body’s vitamin intake and has a cleansing effect.

You might feel energized during detox as a result of the lower amount of substance that the body has to digest. However, the amount of calories entering the body is less than your body is used to, which can lead to less energy for physical exercising. Would you like to keep working out during detox? Adjust your exercising scheme and limit yourself to light cardio exercises.

You might be experiencing a need for food during detox. But your mind is strong. Keep moving forward, but don’t exaggerate. If you really have to, stick to easily digestible food like a soup or a salad.  

Your detox ultimately becomes a real success when you can hold on to a healthy lifestyle long after you have finished your cleanse.

During detox you are resetting your body and mind, and cleansing and providing rest to your intestines. Be wise and use detox moderately: maximize it from six till twelve times each year.