Per box:
218,8G carbohydrate
6,07G fat
24,5G protein

detox days

This juice cure combi Detox Box from Dr. Blend contains a wide variety of juices. It is a juice cure trial package where you can try a combination of two juice cures. One day with fresh Detox juices and shots and the other day is devoted to vegetable juices and shots. Best of both worlds in a juice cure combi package. This 2-day juice cure combi Detox Box N°2 is ideal to see if juice fasting is something for you. The box contains 12 fresh juices with different proportions of vegetables and 6 shots. 100% pure and cold pressed and you can taste it!

Juice cure combi Detox

The juice cure combi Detox Box from Dr. Blend is a combination of juices and shots with different fruits and vegetables. The Detox juices have a delicious taste due to the perfect balance of fruit and vegetables. The vegetable juices contain more vegetables and therefore have a stronger taste. With these vegetable juices you get an extra portion of vegetables that give you more energy. By means of this juice cure you get various nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for getting acquainted with Vegetable juices and also enjoying the Detox juices.

Order juice cure combi Detox

With the combination of Detox juices and Vegetable juices you promote the intake of vegetables and fruit. This juice cure fits perfectly in a balanced diet. Prior to the juice treatment, it is desirable to prepare your body by eating healthy and not drinking alcohol. During the two days of detox you will receive various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This juice cleanse is a quick way to support your body. In addition, you create awareness, which contributes to a positive vibe and energy. By drinking the juices, your regular eating pattern is a thing of the past, making change possible. You can therefore see it as the start of a new phase. After this short juice cure, it is recommended to build up slowly, to let your intestines get used to solid food again. But you can also try this juice cure combi Detox Box without having to change your eating pattern. Think of it as a tasty box full of fruits and vegetables that can provide your body with various nutrients.

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12 juices of 250ml
6 shots of 60ML

531 Kcal per day
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