Good to know

When you have decided to start your juice diet, you obviously want to achieve the best results possible. To execute your juice diet as affectively as possible, make sure you follow the undermentioned advice during your cleanse:

  • Stick to ginger, mint or any other herb tea during the juice cleanse diet
  • Don’t smoke any cigarettes
  • Don’t drink any alcohol or caffeinated drinks like regular coffee or tea
  • Keep in mind that that you might be low on energy because of the detox treatment, so be wise when it comes to workouts and sports. And by this we mean: don’t strain yourself with anything else than light cardio exercises
  • A strong need for food will probably bother you a lot of times. Willpower is very important during you treatment, but don’t overdo it. If you are genuinely feeling uncomfortable, just have a soup for example and give our service centre a call
  • Try to continue on the same pace and rhythm after your detox juice diet has ended, only swap the juices for solid food