Per box:
113,04G carbohydrate
5,04G fat
5,76G protein

pomegranate shot
The composition of pomegranate juice, apple, lemon, beet, acerola and guarana gives a delicious flavor intensity. A special combination that gives you the energy you need. Ideal for the afternoon when you are ready for a coffee. The guarana contains natural caffeine, making it a good replacement for your cappuccino or soft drink. Guarana is also used to improve your performance, both physically and mentally.

Protective antioxidants
The pomegranate forms the basis of the shot and also has positive effects. It contains many antioxidants and bioactive substances. The acerola cherry contains a high dose of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system and the connective tissue in your skin. The juice of acerola is also a strong antioxidant due to the high content of vitamin C. We advise you to consume a maximum of two to three pomegranate shots per day. These shots can also be combined in a combination ShotBox with the turmeric shots .

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1 Pomegranate Juice Shot Box contains

12 juice shots or 60ML

561,6 Kcal per day

12 Pomegranate Shots

07 Pomegranate

Energy value (kcal)78 kcal
Energy value (kJ)329 kJ
fats0.7 g
Saturated fats0.1 g
sugars11.7 grams
Fiber2.5 g
Protein0.8 g
pomegranate juice66.50%
Apple juice25.00%
Acerola Puree5.00%
beet juice2.00%
Lemon juice1.00%
Guarana Powder0.50%
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