Per box:
91,3G carbohydrate
6,1G fat
11,5G protein

2-day Pretox Juice cure 

With a pretox you can prepare your body well for a juice cure. It is an accessible way to adjust your daily diet and start cutting back on calories. You can choose to include three eating moments with light food during the day, in addition to the pretox. In this way you get used to the tastes of the juices and prepare your body to learn to function on liquid food. The pretox contains a combination of 9 juices and shots that support you in preparing for a juice cure. With the help of a pretox you reduce your intake of (processed) food to optimize the transition to a juice cure and to reduce the chance of detox symptoms.

Preparation detox juice cure 

It is recommended to reduce and avoid certain products before and during the juice cure. Think of alcohol, caffeine containing products, red meat, dairy and products with added sugars and sweeteners. A variety of vegetables has been specifically selected to increase vitamins and minerals and to guarantee your body of healthy nutrients in the meantime.

Both days you start the day with a vitamin C shot. This shot provides a healthy boost in the morning. The juices based on fruit and vegetables provide you with various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, the juices with lemon juice and coconut water provide extra hydration. This is important for healthy skin and for the elimination of waste products. 

Order Pretox

The pretox is the ideal way to prepare your body and get it used to the juices. It provides you with extra nutrients that your body desperately needs in the days before, during and after the detox. With the box you will receive a manual that indicates exactly when you can drink the juices and shots. 

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Try it out!

1 juice of 400ml
3 juices of 250ml
3 juices of 125ml
2 shots of 60ml

482 Kcal per day
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