Dr. Blend is a great for yourself or to share!

You can give your loved one a box of premium nutrition.

Or for yourself you can also save money by getting an Dr. Blend account.

And you can share with colleagues and friends and use the buy together discount option.


Q What types of discounts are available?
A There are several:

  1. for those with a Dr. Blend® account you’ll get 5% discount when you get a Dr. Blend account.
  2. for those who recruit at least 5 more Dr. Blend® members. If you recruit at least 5 friends who buy a a package you’ll get one for free.
  3. for those with a discount coupon. We have several partners who are allowed to provide and distribute our coupon codes. You’ll get the discount which is listed on the coupon code.
  4. for those with a membership of an affiliated gym or company. We have special discount for members of our gym partners or employees of our company partners.
  5. for those with a digital gift card. With a gift card you can purchase products we don’t give money back but your card is valid for 1 year. It’s also possible to buy more in case your giftcard is not enough for the total purchase just pay the difference.
  6. for those with a completed Dr. Blend® points card. A full card is a free 3 day package!