Sustainability at Dr. Blend

From ground to mouth


Dr. Blend, in addition to being a supporter for a healthy lifestyle, is also a supporter of a more sustainable world. To cover the entire chain and make Dr. Blend more sustainable, the leftover pulp from the used fruit and vegetables is reused. It is used as compost, processed into other products or donated to farms.

After the juices have been cold pressed, the juices and shots are filled in recycled PET bottles and the high pressure processing (HPP) is used. By applying the cold pressed process, it protects the juices and shots against pathogens and gives to all products a longer shelf life without any loss of nutrients.

Our juices, therefore, do not have to be stored in the freezer (-18°C) , but in the refrigerator (4°C). This technique makes it possible to keep the products fresh for longer and to prevent wastage of juices and energy.

Sustainability is also taken into account during transport, by not using refrigerated transport, but dry ice is added in the recycled boxes during transport. This form of transport is better for the environment, because of the lower emissions and it still arrives well cooled ! Now you can peacefully enjoy our juices and contribute to a better future !  

Recycle together.


Sustainable bottles and cardboard have been selected for the materials. The packaging of the juices and shots is made of 75% recycled plastic and 25% biobased plastic. This means that the bottle is 100% recyclable. It is largely made from recycled plastic, which has been used before and can be reused again, it's partly biobased, because it's made from a renewable resource. These recycled plastic bottles also contain no BPA (bisphenol A) and are lighter than glass bottles, which makes a significant difference in transport. It costs less fuel and therefore gives less CO2 emissions to the environment.

In order to be able to pack and transport it sustainably, recycled cardboard was chosen. After all, good packaging prevents waste due to spoilage or damage.

With these materials we save new plastic and cardboard. By separating plastic and cardboard, these products can be reused. Together we can ensure that there are fewer single-use materials in circulation.


Return bottle

Thanks to the new return bottle system, the rPET bottles can be recycled even better.

From July 1 2021, those juices from Dr. Blend are going to be valid for return :


- Speerow Nº14

- Samba Nº15

- Yellow Freshness Nº17


These juices fall under the small plastic bottles with a deposit, given the combination of water and fruit juice. The label of these bottles shows the deposit logo, which identifies the bottle.

The deposit system cannot yet be used for the remaining bottles of Dr Blend. It is a mission of Dr. Blend to fully recycle all of our bottles. Returning the bottles has a major impact on the environment, because it can be reused and prevents litter.